BioEnvo AB offers Businesses
and municipalities two climate-friendly services.

1. Services Free retrieving of vegetable oils and fats.
It is environmentally friendly, means a higher status among controllers and prevents blockages in sewage. Among our customers we have restaurants, snack bars, fast food outlets and food industries.

2. Delivery of biodiesel.
When we recycle the oils and fats gathered, we get green energy in the form of biodiesel. Among our customers, we transport, bus, taxi and waste management companies and municipalities, counties and Värmland farmers. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is used as vehicle fuel or heating. Biodiesel can be used in existing diesel vehicles.

The remains of the bioproduction are also recycled, mainly in technical applications. In other words, 100% recovery.


CEO & founder Farzin Raissi, +46 (0)70 854 03 34
Postal address: Box 98, 684 22 Munkfors, Sweden
Production Facility: Trollkullevägen 2, Munkfors, Sweden
Head Office: Tallåsvägen 12, Munkfors, Sweden

cooperation partner

MBP Group ( Modern Bio Products ) Norway
MBPs Swedish company is called Sveprol Bio Production AB.
+46 (0)11-189 500,